He’ll Be There

Hebrews 13:5
 Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever

father-teaching-daughter-to-ride-bike-close-up-photo-small-girl-holding-handlebar-her-bicycle-hands-her-her-riding-55064765Over the last ten days I have done battle teaching our daughter how to ride a bike. Having gone through this process once already I should have it down to a science. To win her over I had to gain her confidence and trust. Little by lite it came. At first my hands could never leave her, then I could let go for a few seconds and finally she decided she could go it alone. Why I had to do is let her see that I was not going to let her crash and I wasn’t going to leave her when she was unsure of herself. Once that battle was overcome, the balancing and riding were a breeze.

Learning to walk as a Christian is much like riding a bike. We’re not sure we can make it, we want God’s arms around us, but eventually we learn that He will never leave us or forsake us and then we run with confidence. Wherever you are today and whatever you are gong through, know that God is with you. He won’t let you and He won’t let you crash.

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