Like Dad

1 Peter 1:15
But like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves in all your conduct [be set apart from the world by your godly character and moral courage];

He hadn’t seen me yet. Rounding the corner and heading toward our bedroom I hear, dad-son-tie“Dad, what am I supposed to wear,” but when he see me everything changes. Seeing my kakis and blue dress shirt he quickly says, “never mind Dad,” and off he runs. A few minutes later he returns with kakis and a blue dress shirt on. Needles to say, you couldn’t hold the pride and joy I felt in my heart. He wanted to look just like his dad.

I imagine the same holds true for our heavenly father. When we strive to be like Him, there must be a smile as big as a rainbow and joy that causes the sun to shine. Why live a holy life? Because he is holy and that is what He disrespects. Live above the level of this world. Don’t just do holy, be holy.

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