Reflect God

imagesDo you glow? Do you radiate? Do you reflect? No, I’m not concerned that you may have spent time in a nuclear reactor. What I mean, does your life have an aura that creates an atmosphere that makes other sense God is near? In life I have had those rare encounters with people that glowed with God’s presence. After Moses came down from an encounter with God he had to wear a veil, the glow of God was so bright upon his face. Stephen’s glow was so impactive on a young man by the name of Saul, that it changed his name and changed His life. That day who would have imagined that the glow of Stephen would impact the world in such a powerful way. The Pharisee’s and the Sanhedrin who had crucified Christ and were trying to rid themselves of what they considered a scourge of Israel, the disciples, had no choice but to take notice of changed disciples after their Spirit infilling and say, “they have been with Jesus.” A dynamic encounter with the almighty changes us, not only on the inside, but how we are viewed. No longer are we a reflection of ourselves, but we are a reflection of His glory. Step outside on a clear night and you will see a powerful example of the power of reflection. The moon, a simple rock with no energy to create light in itself, positioned in the right place, reflects the sun we see in the day. What is my point? If we can get ourselves in the right place with God there is no telling how our life can reflect in this world. My goal for each one of us this year is that we might position our lives in such a way that we glow, that we radiate; that we reflect Jesus. How do we get there? It all starts with prayer. Make it a priority every day; stop by the church, spend five minutes as you crawl out of bed and be at Saturday at Seven prayer. What else? Humble yourself before God; read His Word and submit yourself to His wishes and desires. Get in the right position to reflect God’s glory in 2014.

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