Have you ever made the statement to a friend or God, “I feel so alone.” Alone, means to be excluded or isolated from others. When I’ve made the statement I’ve meant it from a negative viewpoint. I looked at it as if something was wrong with me but may I suggest that God calls and takes people to a place called alone.


Lot chooses the plains of Sodom and Abram walks with God alone into an eternal promise. Joesph is excluded from his family but ends up in a palace. Moses makes a mistake that takes him into a wilderness for a season, but it’s there he develops skills that will help in navigate the Hebrew nation to the Promise land. David spends time alone in a pasture and develops skills that will help him defeat Goliath and take him to the king of Israel. Jesus went into the wilderness alone and came out “full of the Holy Spirit.” Sometimes our perspective of alone is distorted or skewed, we see it as a negative or burden. May I suggest to you if you are going through a season of “alone” that you give God thanks for the season, it may be where God wants you. He see’s something amazing in you and knew He could call you to a place called alone.

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