Outlive Your Life!

OutliveIn the book, The Noticer, Andy Andrews writes of a man by the name of Norman Bourlag, who received the Noble Prize for creating a technique that created a hybrid corn that saved the lives of over two million people. Andrews reflects on the possibility that it might have been Henry Wallace, Vice President under Roosevelt that might have saved two million lives because he was the one that asked Norman Bourlag to come up with the process. Andrews then submits that it may have actually been George Washington Carver who saved over two million because he invested and taught Henry Wallace much of what he knew about farming. Finally, Andrews proposes that it may have been a farmer by the name of Moses and his wife Susan who saved two million people because they saved the life of George Washington Carver. What is amazing is most of these people went to their graves never realizing that their one action would eventually impact two million people.

I suggest that many of the biblical hero’s we read likewise had no idea that one act was going to change history. Abraham’s obedience, taking his son up a mountain, would lead him to being called the father of faith. Moses, listening to a small voice coming from a fire, leads people out of Egypt but likely went to his grave feeling like a failure for not getting them into the Promise land. Little did he realize the impact, that his willingness to trust God, would live on for dispensations. Might I suggest that Simon Peter will be stunned by the impact of one message, the message on the Day of Pentecost and that Paul will be overwhelmed by the fact that the letters he was writing trying to straighten out churches that were frustrating him with their inconsistency would end up in the Bible. These men, and so many others in the Bible, simply lived the life that was laid out before them, did what was asked, and were willing to walk and be led by the Spirit.

2life connectionsLike generations before us, we have been given an opportunity to Outlive our Lives. Like those we call heroes of the faith and like farmer Moses and George Washington Carver it is possible that we have been brought to a “such a time as this,” moment. An opportunity to invest in something that will outlive us, something that when we get to heaven will cause us to say, this happened because we gave, because we believed? What is your faith feeling? What is the small still voice saying? Will you Outlive your life? I want to be overwhelmed by what God did with my simple act of faith, obedience and giving. I want to be a part of something that Outlives My Life!

God of the Breakthrough

breakthroughThe action of one person often changes the direction and destiny for many. This is exemplified by God coming to earth robed in flesh, living with the humanity He created, going to the cross and resurrecting. That courageous act changed everything about what we do, who we are and and our eternal destination. The Bible is filled with examples of people who have breakthrough moments that impact cities, nations and generations. Moses breaks through his past failure to lead a nation out of Egypt and changes the destiny of a nation. David breaks through the fear of his brothers and army to lead them to a victory over the Philistines. The three Hebrew children break through the intimidation of idolatry to bring a heathen nation to say, “the Lord, He is God.” Simon Peter breaks through his denial of Christ to preach the message that still lives today and Paul breaks through his theology, experiences the power of the Spirit and establishes churches throughout the world and writes 13 books of the Bible.

These stories are there to give us hope and courage to have our own breakthroughs. What if a wall you’re dealing with comes down, how might it impact you and others? Could it change your entire life? Could it change the destination of future generations in your family? Could a breakthrough in your life change the destiny of Life Connections? We have no idea of what a breakthrough in our life might do for our life, home, church and future generations. We serve the God of the breakthrough! I was inspired by a song I recently heard by Eddie James called “Breakthrough” which is quickly becoming my theme song for 2017. The words say, “walls fall down when I shout through, strongholds break when I pray through, I’m going to praise you, you are the God of the Breakthrough!” The bridge say, “You are the God of the breakthrough of my heart, mind, spirit, soul, weakness, struggle, worship, praise, when I lift and glorify His name, dance and shout.” What a powerful song and testimony. If Moses, David, the Hebrew children, Simon Peter, Paul and a host of witnesses can have breakthrough moments, why can’t we? We serve the God of the breakthrough! Let me encourage someone with barriers, walls, past failures, fear and discouragements; you are one day away from a breakthrough. What do you need to do? Pray, worship, be faithful, be obedient, yield and I absolutely believe that 2017 can be the year of breakthrough for you! You serve the God of the breakthrough!

Building Big

Foundations. big1They are the most important part of any building, business or person. Everything that happens in the future is dependent on the quality of the foundation. The bigger the building the deeper and larger the foundation, it requires more time and greater resources but in the end, it will be worth every amount of energy spent. Building a sky scraper requires that you dig deep, use massive anchors and wide block, anything less and it will crumble under its own weight. Build a business without good financial structure and clear vision of your product and the market and it won’t be long until you’ll see a sign that says, “going out of business.” Likewise, for every successful person there must be a strong foundation. Build a life without God and it won’t be long before a person begins to crack and crumble under the weight of sin. Why are foundations so important? Because storms come to everything and everyone. No building, business, person or family is immune. Jesus teaches us this principle when He talks about two builders who built homes. Likely both were built with the same materials, workmanship and care. The difference? Jesus tells us the difference, one was built on sand, the other on stone. Both appeared to have built successfully, but when the storms came the one built on sand crumbled while the other stood. His principle, storms come and foundations are critical!

As we move into a new year l encourage every person to build a strong foundation. It will require more time and energy, sacrifice and change but if you want 2017 to be the best year of your life, you must build a strong foundation that equips you for success that will survive any storm. So, what does it take? First, clear space. Get rid of the unnecessary. Clear the things that clutter your mind, steal your time and burn energy. Think on the right things (Philip. 4:8), cut out social media, vain media and push back fear and worry. Second, dig deep. Hit your knees daily and stay there until you have been transformed and refreshed by His Spirit. Third, anchor strongly. There is no anchor stronger than the Word of God. David said, Your Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against You. Anchor your life and family to the undeniable, all powerful Word of God. Fourth, build on His Spirit. Seek and pursue His Spirit with all your heart. Pray and fast until you’re pure and clean; until you speak in an unknown language again, until you are full of and led by His Spirit. Finally, get God in front of everything. Don’t allow God to become distant, keep Him close to you so that people and problems look small. He is bigger, stronger and more powerful than any problem or person. I believe that 2017 holds great things for Life Connections and every person who calls it home. How great? It depends on us and on how big we are willing to build our foundation. Let’s build BIG!