The Worlds Most Valuable Resource

From the beginning of time man has pursued the resources of the earth. In early biblical times and still today, one of the most valuable resources is water. Control the water and you control where life can be sustained. Beyond water, over time gold, silver, and other precious materials became valuable. Biblically, early wealth was measured by the amount of gold, silver and bronze someone had. With the advent of the motor, oil became a valuable commodity. In today’s world uranium is one of the most sought-after substances, giving governments the ability to create nuclear energy and bombs. Yet, I would submit that none of these resources are the most valuable.

The most valuable resource, blood. Regardless of how much of the other resources you have, without blood, life ends. In our body is a little over 10 pints, 20 cups. We can lose 14% before we begin to see significant side effects. Lose 25% and we begin to feel substantial side effects. When a person loses 40% of their blood, death is imminent. Thankfully blood can be replaced and with modern technology, men have even learned how to manipulate blood. If a person’s blood becomes corrupted, a blood transfusion or dialysis can be done, replacing bad blood with new.

Yet beyond the value of blood in general, there is a blood that has more value. It is the blood of Jesus. To attain His actual blood is impossible, it was spilled out on the cross. Per chance someone would have saved it, put it in bottles, the cost would be beyond any price you and I, common people could pay.

I share all of this because as we start the beginning of the year many will take communion. For some communion may be something that happens just a few times a year. For others, communion may be taken at your church weekly or monthly. Regardless of how of often, communion should be done with understanding.

Communion is about blood. It’s right before Passover, one of the first instances of blood making a difference. Setting with Jesus is His 12 disciples. Understanding what is about to happen, and His disciples having no clue, Jesus calls a grape concoction, His blood and shares it.  Sorry, I’m not here to debate wine and grape juice. What is important in the moment is what Jesus is saying. He knows and they don’t, that he is headed for a cross, and His blood will be spilled out. 10 pints, 20 cups. If men would have known, understood, the value of his blood, they would have fought to save every drop. It literally would be the most valuable resource you could own. In His blood, those 10 pints, was eternal life, healing, salvation, covering of sin, and so much more.

Take every life and every sin from the beginning of time until today and it’s over 117 billion people. How many more will be added before God’s return, only He knows. What I do know is this, that if we were dependent on Jesus’ literal blood, we’re all toast. Even if it had been saved, I could not have afforded it. Only the elitist of the elite, the wealthiest of the wealthy, would have been able to afford and attain it. By today, those who could have purchased it in earlier centuries, would have consumed all the resource. This makes what Jesus does right before His death incredibly significant. He gives us hope with 21 words, “this cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” In one defining moment Jesus gives everyone access to the world’s most valuable resource, His blood. It won’t be only for the elite, wealthy, educated, or religious. It doesn’t have to be purchased or earned. It will be available to anyone and for all time. It is for saints and sinners, good and bad, to all who will ever live and for all who chose to believe.

When we take a communion cup, we are taking in faith, His blood. In that blood, that cup, is life giving agents. In this short blog there is no way I can share everything that is in Jesus’ blood. The forgiveness of sin. There is the covering of sin. There is the washing of sin. There is life. There is eternal life. There is healing. Physical and emotional healing. Mental and spiritual healing. There is transformation. It is life altering. There is hope, grace, mercy. In short, everything you will ever need is in His blood.

My challenge. When we take a communion cup in the coming weeks, whether that be weekly or monthly or only a few times a year, take it with understanding. It’s the moment a blood transfusion or spiritual dialysis can take place. In one moment, your life can be changed or altered forever. Old can be replaced with new. A washing, purifying, or transformation can happen. Healing of any issue can happen. As you hold our communion cup, realize you are holding the world’s most valuable resource.

Snow. Snow and More Snow

Monday was a glorious day. In fact, it’s been a pretty good month. Snow, snow and more snow. As I write, over a foot of snow is still on the ground. There are great spiritual lessons in snow. First, snow has no prejudice. It falls everywhere and on everyone. Doesn’t matter your economic, religious or social status. Snow falls. Second, snow covers everything. It covers average and beautiful landscaped yards. Snow covers sidewalks and streets, leaves that weren’t raked and branches that have fallen. Snow finds every knuck and covers every cranny. Finally, the obvious, snow makes everything white. Gray, green, brown, regardless the color, snow turns it white. Isaiah says, “though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow.” What an amazing word picture when we put into context what a snow does. Jesus’ blood, like snow, has no prejudice. It covers everyone. No bias, no discrimination. Second, like snow, Jesus’ blood covers everything, no issue is beyond his blood. Whether a lie, a moral failure or something worse, Jesus’s blood covers it. Finally, Jesus’ red blood turns our sins white. We become justified and clean. He gives us a clean slate. His blood takes our sins and makes them as distant as the east is from the west. The old song says, thank God for the blood, thank God for the blood, it washes white as snow. I’m glad I can live in the power of His work and not in my futile efforts to save myself. Maybe that’s why I love snow so much, because it reminds me that His blood makes my life look like a fresh snow.