Destination Focused

downloadKeep your focus on your destination. Regardless of the circumstances, situations or difficulties, never lose sight that Heaven is your ultimate goal. The map is flat but the journey is not. There are twists, turns, hills and valleys. The more you journey the more the atmosphere changes. There are times when the skies are dark and the road slippery. There are times when the sky is blue and the sun bright and you feel nothing can stop you. The map shows opportunities but not the obstacles. There are times when the road is clear sailing and moments when the road is so congested that you are unsure if you can make it. There are days when it will feel like you go five feet and days when you will think you’ve traveled five thousand miles. The map shows the route but not the rough roads. There will be unexpected detours, times of construction, but always remember that when it gets rough, good times are just ahead. Take time to refuel. Enjoy the journey.  Learn something in each opportunity and see the good even in tough times. Day after day, step by step, just keep going. You will make it to your destination and when you get there you will forget about the journey. What you wanted to see will be greater than all the struggles it took to get there. As the old hymn says, “it’s going to be worth it all, some beautiful happy day.”

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