Just Keep Running and Finish!

Unknown-1I was privileged to watch Team LC run the 500 Mini Marathon Saturday. As we were watching my mind went to verse where Paul said, “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” It was then that it occurred to me, everyone in the race has one goal; the finish line. It didn’t matter how they ran, some were slow, and some walked, some ran bare-footed, some were in wheel chairs and I even saw a person who was blind in the race. The outfits were colorful as a rainbow, there were costumes, army fatigues, one ran in a firemen’s suit and I even saw several in tutu’s, but all ran with one purpose…to finish.

May I encourage all of us to do the same, lets run the Christian walk with one goal, to finish! It doesn’t matter how you get there, just keep running! Some will run with great discipline, some will be fast and swift, others will stumble and fall, some may look like they don’t belong, but lets encourage one another to do one thing, finish! The disciple’s personalities were as colorful as the outfits we saw in the race, but each one had one goal, to complete the course, to finish the race and stand victorious with Jesus. Today make up your mind, I will fight the fight, keep the faith and finish the race!

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