What’s in Your Life’s Garden?

The-Blessed-Life_screenandwebLast year I planted my first garden. Went to Lowe’s and got my plants; tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and strawberries. For a first timer I must brag that it turned out pretty well; strawberries didn’t make it but we had plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. This year we are at it again, we skipped the strawberries but added peppers, so far so good, though we’re still waiting on tomatoes. I was thinking about how I got exactly what I planted. I didn’t plant cucumbers and get watermelons or plant tomatoes and got potatoes No, what I planted is what is growing and it’s also what we’re enjoying. Though I wouldn’t call myself a master gardener I do have this much figured out; we’re going to plant what we like to eat. No need in planting asparagus or broccoli, Mary would eat it but the rest would either be given away or go to rot. So we make sure we plant things that we’ll eat and what we will enjoy.

The principle that works in our garden works in life. It’s one of God’s Biblical laws, what we sow we reap. If we pray, we get hope, answered prayer and faith. If we read God’s Word, we get vision, direction and understanding. Be faithful in giving and attending God’s house and you will likely see God’s goodness, blessings and favor in your life. Simple principle. But be reminded that if we plant worldliness and carnality in our home and family, we will likely reap that harvest in the future as well. Some people can’t figure out why they keep having problems in their lives and homes. For me it’s simple, it’s that they are planting one thing and a hoping to reap something else. Not once have I planted squash and expected tomatoes, but for some reason we think we can put anything before our eyes, listen to any media or come to church one time a week and think we’re not going to see any effects of what we’re planting. Paul says in Galatians 6:8 For he who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap decay and ruin and destruction, but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Make sure that each day you are investing in the right things in your life; plant so that you are blessed. One other thing that I should mention, when I plant one tomato plant I get dozens of tomatoes. What’s the principle? Simple, you’re always going to get more than what you plant. So plant wisely. Pray, give, worship and be faithful and God will send it back to you pressed down, shaken and running over! I challenge you to be with us each Wednesday this month as we learn how God’s principle of blessing works as we watch together the DVD series, “The Blessed Life.” Come, be challenged, be blessed and watch your life change in ways beyond your belief.

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