The Gesture

kindness-22744798Michael Phelps, his face is plastered everywhere. Eight medals, six which are gold and two bronze. He is the new icon of American swimming. But what draws my attention to Michael Phelps today is what he did outside the pool. In an era of sports when it seems that less emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and team and more on individual success, we saw a wonderful gesture of kindness and sportsmanship this week.

After winning the preliminaries in the relay, a coach, not Michael, announces Michael has given his spot up in the finals to Ian Crocker, the same Ian Crocker that probably cost Michael his seventh gold medal and a one million dollar bonus. In a time when he could have been selfish, arrogant and bitter, Michael chose to be a sportsman.

Micheal’s act reminds me of another act of kindness. When the Creator robed himself in flesh, came dwelt among us, died for us, so that we might have everlasting life; He didn’t have to do it, but he did. He did so we could have peace and hope. Today as we pray for our children, lets pray not only for their safety and provision, but also that they will become people of faith, character and integrity.

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