Dream Big but Expect More

oneday_fb1-220x148Do you have big dreams? Does it seem as though your dreams have been overrun by chaos? Are your fears overwhelming your faith? Keep the faith; you’re likely exactly where God wants you to be. Life is full of seasons; seasons of intense heat, dormancy, dying out and times of amazing growth, whatever your in the middle of, its just a season and it will pass. David went from an amazing high of being anointed future king to a difficult time where even his own family despised him. He went from a ticker tape parade after defeating the Goliath to finding himself hiding in caves within just a few months and he went from where there seemed to be an adversary at every turn to a time of total peace from every enemy.

faithbiggerthanfear-1_1024x1024Seasons, we all face them, but as we walk through each one we must understand that God is “working all things together for our good, according to His purpose.” There are two important things to see in the verse Paul wrote in Romans 8. First, God works all things together for good. If you were to taste the individual ingredients it takes to make a cake there would be many ingredients that we would say, “yuck, that taste horrible,” but when they are mixed together “the yuck” becomes yum. So it is with life, while individual moments may seem like a “yuck,” when God gets done putting them all together it will come out as a “yum.” Second, notice that Paul said that is the good was according to His purpose. The good is not always what we would ask God to do, but trust Him, His purposes are better than our dream.
When God finishes you will be amazed. David had a desire to build God a permanent home, stone, expensive wood, gold, sliver and brass; a place for the whole world to look to. To David and even Nathan the prophet, it looked like an amazing dream, in fact Nathan in essence said, “David, what a great dream, go for it.” But then God stepped in and said, nice dream David, I have a bigger vision for you than your dream. You’re not going to build me a house; I’m going to build a legacy through you. Your dream of wanting to build me a temple that is temporal is kind and thoughtful but I have a bigger idea. I’m going to use your linage to come into this world and change the course of history; your name will be remembered forever.

What’s my point? Simple, dream big dreams, work hard, serve God but expect more. We think too small, we think way too little of our God and ourselves. Dream big, but expect more!

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