The Pursuit of God

Two men, different dispensations, one desire; the pursuit of God. They worded their desires differently, yet their goal was the same, to know God. David put it this way, “one thing that I desire and that will I seek after…” Paul’s words, “that I may know him…” David and Paul were vastly different. They lived in different cultures and had different life styles. One was a song writer, the other a theologian. David’s desire was not to bePursuit.jpg a giant slayer, kingdom builder or a man of wealth and fame but simply to know God. I believe this is why he was called a man after God’s own heart. Paul was a spiritual blueblood; a Hebrew, student of Gamliel and a fierce force for the religion of the day. His conversion brought him to a desire he would have never known had he not experienced God on the road to Damascus. His desire was to know God, not build churches, write books or be a theologian. These men stand out in their dispensation, not because of their accomplishments, but because of their unwavering pursuit of God and His presence.

Our backgrounds, culture and the worlds we live in are so different from David and Paul, yet I believe that our desire should be the same, to intimately know, not religion, but God. There are many enticing avenues we can pursue in this world; success, fame, education and wealth, but the greatest quest is the pursuit of God. It doesn’t matter your pedigree, your education or your religious background. It matters not your age, income or social standing, anyone can pursue God. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been in church, how much we pray or read God’s Word if our purpose isn’t to know God, its meaningless. My goal isn’t a powerful ministry, a big church or being an author or speaker, my desire is to know Him, to seek after Him. As we “build big” in 2017, make the pursuit of God your highest goal.

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