Building Big

Foundations. big1They are the most important part of any building, business or person. Everything that happens in the future is dependent on the quality of the foundation. The bigger the building the deeper and larger the foundation, it requires more time and greater resources but in the end, it will be worth every amount of energy spent. Building a sky scraper requires that you dig deep, use massive anchors and wide block, anything less and it will crumble under its own weight. Build a business without good financial structure and clear vision of your product and the market and it won’t be long until you’ll see a sign that says, “going out of business.” Likewise, for every successful person there must be a strong foundation. Build a life without God and it won’t be long before a person begins to crack and crumble under the weight of sin. Why are foundations so important? Because storms come to everything and everyone. No building, business, person or family is immune. Jesus teaches us this principle when He talks about two builders who built homes. Likely both were built with the same materials, workmanship and care. The difference? Jesus tells us the difference, one was built on sand, the other on stone. Both appeared to have built successfully, but when the storms came the one built on sand crumbled while the other stood. His principle, storms come and foundations are critical!

As we move into a new year l encourage every person to build a strong foundation. It will require more time and energy, sacrifice and change but if you want 2017 to be the best year of your life, you must build a strong foundation that equips you for success that will survive any storm. So, what does it take? First, clear space. Get rid of the unnecessary. Clear the things that clutter your mind, steal your time and burn energy. Think on the right things (Philip. 4:8), cut out social media, vain media and push back fear and worry. Second, dig deep. Hit your knees daily and stay there until you have been transformed and refreshed by His Spirit. Third, anchor strongly. There is no anchor stronger than the Word of God. David said, Your Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against You. Anchor your life and family to the undeniable, all powerful Word of God. Fourth, build on His Spirit. Seek and pursue His Spirit with all your heart. Pray and fast until you’re pure and clean; until you speak in an unknown language again, until you are full of and led by His Spirit. Finally, get God in front of everything. Don’t allow God to become distant, keep Him close to you so that people and problems look small. He is bigger, stronger and more powerful than any problem or person. I believe that 2017 holds great things for Life Connections and every person who calls it home. How great? It depends on us and on how big we are willing to build our foundation. Let’s build BIG!

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