Seize the Moment

seize-the-momentIt was a moment. A moment a woman realized she might never see again, so she seized it. She stepped out of the life of the mundane, took a risk and her life was forever changed. She had no promises that her life would be changed, her past erased, her pain removed or circumstances rearranged. She simply realized she had an opportunity to be in the presence of the God of the universe and she was going to worship Him. While others stood by, she seized the moment, worshipped God and over 2000 years later, we are still talking about her act of worship.

What causes some to seize the moment and other to shrink from it? Sometimes it’s as simple as being unaware of the moment. Caught up in the daily affairs of life, we miss the fact that we are in the midst of something magnificent. Sometimes we get focused on our situation instead of the God that is over every situation. Other times we don’t realize how special the moment is or that we may never see the opportunity again. Instead, we put a higher priority on something less important. Finally, too many times we put a higher priority on something we see as more important than being in the presence of God. That day, many people were in the room, but each had a situation, priority or a reason for why they weren’t ready to seize the moment.

As we enter into 2015, I challenge you to make this year the year you seize the moment. Seize them in your home, on the job, with your children and at church. Sometimes, the moment is an opportunity to make a memory. Another moment may be a chance to be a witness of God’s love and grace. Seize the breeze of the Spirit when in devotion, when in prayer of while listening to a worship song. Seize the moments in this church. Be the first to worship, to lift your hands or come to the altar. Pray with someone and let the Spirit operate through you. Simply put: Make His presence a priority and seize the moment!

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