An Ordinary Day

Luke1:26 Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city in Galilee called Nazareth.

It was just an ordinary day. There was nothing about it that would have caused your eyebrows to rise or raise your suspicions. Mary arose that day with the same thoughts as she had the day before, goats to milk, a home to clean and a visit to the market. Her life was rather simple and not much happened in her little community…but this day it would be different. The chill was still in morning air as she began the chores. The darkness was giving way to the sun when suddenly it happened. In an instant an angel appears before her and a proclamation is made; you shall be birth to a son. A bewildered Mary tries to come to grip that her life is going to be forever changed and so too the course of the souls of man. Jesus was coming, and she had been chosen as a participant. It was an ordinary day that would change the rest of her life.
How close are you to your divine moment? Not really that far, just one ordinary day. A day when your life looks uneventful, a day when the calendar is full of appointments, a day when you’re chasing another cold sales call, a day running the kids from place to place or just another day dealing with the stress of your life. In a moment it all could change. Whether it’s a burning bush, a visit to a well, a bright light and an angel; they all happened on an ordinary day when God destined to change the course of someone’s life. What if we lived looking for the miraculous instead of the mundane? What if we expected to see do something through us or to us? What if today was not just going to be an ordinary day? Keep praying, keep searching, and keep living expecting something amazing. Today could be the day when ordinary turns too extraordinary!

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