A Lopsided View of God

It amazes me how important aspects of a Christian life are being eliminated or looked at with distain in many churches today. Messages on grace, mercy and love are everywhere but rarely do we hear messages on repentance, obedience or submitting ourselves to God. It isn’t that I’m against grace, mercy and love, God knows I need it and couldn’t survive without it, but what bothers me is while we preach certain concepts we are beginning to see the shunning of other concepts that are just as important. When there is a failure to call for repentance, to separation and to a higher standard of living, we do people a great disservice and we give them a lopsided view of God. Words like holiness, godliness and righteousness are often met with a roll of the eyes or a look that says, “don’t go there,” and I’m not talking about in the world but in the church. The Bible says that without holiness no man shall see God. We have relegated holiness to the back burner because in some ranks it has become legalistic and a reason to be judgmental. Charisma magazines states that the younger generation seems to look at holiness as optional at best, many don’t know what it is, have no interest in being holy and do little to purse it. What we need a renewed Biblical view of God; to see God, not just as touch feely God, but a God that we revere and are in awe of. He is holy and calls us to be Holy, to live in reverence and awe of His awesome power. When we live Holy we live pure and we live for Him, not ourselves. To often the call to live righteous is met with ridicule and even mockery, but when we fail to live right we loose our witness, our power and our testimony. One of the greatest things we can do as Christians is simply do the right thing in every moment. Do the right thing when it not convenient, do the right thing when its not popular and do the right thing when others don’t. Godliness is the last word that is being lost in the modern church. To live godly is to live like God would. Our priorities, actions, attitudes and motives should match how God would respond and live in this world. Too often we want to condone our priorities, actions, attitudes and motives instead of compare them to God. If we would line our life up with God once again there is no telling how our lives would be transformed. As we come to the end of summer and look forward to fall, let me encourage you to get back in proper alignment with god. Live holy, live righteously and live godly.

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