Anticipating Change

4seasonsRight now everyone is hoping that winter will disappear and spring taking center stage. We’re tired of the subzero temperatures and we’re anxious for flowers to start blooming. Unfortunately there is little we can do to make seasons change. Do a “spring dance,” set out the patio furniture; even get out the spring wardrobe. While doing those things might help us mentally, until winter is ready to fade into a distant memory all we can do is anticipate a change in seasons. The good news is that we know that the change in seasons will eventually come; we must simply endure until it does.

What is true of weather seasons is also true when it comes to the seasons of life. While we might long for a certain season of our life to come to an end: a stressful situation that wearies us, a difficult person at the office or a financial situation that justfrost seems to linger, whatever the circumstance, we are left with one choice, endure. How do we endure a season? I get my encouragement from David. Sometimes we think that David lived a life without difficulties but it’s obvious that he too dealt with difficult seasons. Think he wasn’t discouraged where he wrote, “I will bless the Lord at all times” or wasn’t overwhelmed when he said, “I cried to the Lord?” How did he survive the season? He trusted God (Proverbs 3:5) and waited. So how do we endure? We hit our knees and spend time with God, we come to church with praise in our heart even when our flesh doesn’t want to and we read God’s Word and take courage in His promises. Will it make the current season go away? No, but it will give us the strength to endure until God brings the change we are anticipating and know is inevitable because we have read His Word. Now bring on the flowers, patio furniture and cookouts, I’m ready for spring!

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