The Spirit of Matthias

We never see him in the gospels Picture1.pngand our first introduction to him is when he suggested as a potential candidate for the position of an Apostle. It is noted that Matthias had one notable quality for Apostleship, he was faithful. Up to the point when he was chosen to be a part of the twelve we don’t know one thing about him other than he had been with Jesus. The Bible says that from the time that Jesus baptized John until the time that Jesus ascended, Matthias had been there. He was there, in the shadows, listening, watching and observing. He had one necessary and required quality, he was faithful.  We don’t know of one message he preached, one miracle he preformed, we only know that he was faithfulness and loyalty, he was consistent. As far as we know, Matthias was not chosen based on his skill, knowledge, ability. The highest calling in the New Testament was to be called an Apostle and when it came time to choose the twelfth Apostle, the quality that got Matthias noticed was that he could say was, “I was there.”

May I encourage you to do something today? Make a decision to have the spirit of Matthias. Pray for the ability to have the ability to keep being faithful. Get an “I’ll be here” mentality. Regardless of what tries to get in your way, stop you from being faithful, keep coming to church, keep praying and coming to prayer meeting and praising when you don’t feel like it and it doesn’t make sense. There is power in just being there, in being faithful. The word success is only seen once in the bible but the word faithful is mentioned 105 times. If the you want one phrase said when you finish this life and enter into eternity it is, “well done you good and faithful servant, enter in.”

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